Send your Watch



Please follow the steps below to organise sending your watch in, our aim is to make the process of sending your watch as easy as possible:



1. Call or email us to discuss your repair. We can usually be quite accurate about the repair we can offer and potential cost from the outset.



2. We take your details and send you a postal pack. The pack contains everything required to send your watch by post, a Special Delivery envelope, a short form to record your contact details and requirements, and appropriate packaging to protect the watch during transit.



3. Take your pack to the Post Office, and hand in at the counter. Ask to send the parcel by Special Delivery, the cost will be around £10.



4. As soon as the watch arrives we will call to confirm that the watch has arrived.



5. We will then prepare a full and final estimate, and send to you by your preferred means of communication.



6. Once we receive your instruction to proceed we will commence with the repair.



7. We will call you when the repair is complete, and organise return post at a time that will be suitable for you.













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